Our Thoughts Are So Powerful

Our thoughts are everything.  They help shape the world.  They help shape the life and future of everyone and everything around you.  That is why it is important to keep your thoughts positive and out of harms way.  To keep them silent when they are not good and not in tune with your reality.  To keep them quiet when you know it is not time for them to be heard.  To keep them going when you know the time is right and the thought is on point and in alignment.  But most importantly, to not think and just let them naturally come in and out.

You see when you are truly living and just being yourself, the right thoughts just come out anyway.  And there is nothing anyone or anything else can do to stop them because they are supposed to be thrown out there into the real world.  To be shared with everyone, whether good or bad.  Because the world needs your thoughts.  The world needs your expression and your wisdom in order to help shape the future of the next generation.

So when everyone does their job and allows everyone to flow, the thoughts flow, the world flows and everything flows just like the rivers below.  But when controllers rule the world and thieves steal and get away with it, then we have problems.  Real problems.  And only a few can fix them.  And that is why everyone is to be and do as they are told in order for things to work out the way they are intended to.

For now, I am accepting things as they are.  I may be far off course but I am also very close too.  Because I am still going on what is true for me, whether it is still chaotic or not.  Whether I am still unaligned or not.  And whether I am still angry or not.  I am still going.  Because that is the only thing I know how to do.  And that is the only thing I want to do, along with taking back the life they stole from me.

As long as I keep trying to get back on my flow and trying to take back my power, my thoughts will align in the correct place and so will everything else.  Because our thoughts are more powerful than we will ever know and they help shape the world.  So when they are coming and flowing, let them.  When they are not, let them.  Either way, there is a reason for everything.


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