We Are All Meant To Walk Our Own Path

“We are all meant to walk our own path.  To live it, to fully experience it, to enjoy it, to love it, to learn it and to grow with it.  But when someone feels like they are inferior to you and they have some sort of right over you and your life, chaos ensues.  It’s craziness and it’s life shattering.  When that someone takes a grip over your mind and intoxicates it with their poisonous venom.  When that someone traps you and keeps you from living out your life and purpose.  When that someone controls you and puts you on their path instead of your own path intended for you.  When that someone switches everything up so that they don’t have to face their reality but can live out yours.  When that someone tricks you and manipulates you along the way.  When that someone blocks you and keeps you from doing you and being happy.  When that someone spreads lies and makes false accusations about you just to feed their empty ego.  When that someone isolates you so that you are left feeling helpless and all alone.  When that someone uses money to control you and keep you stuck.  When that someone suppresses you and doesn’t allow you to just be.  When that someone belittles you and puts you down because that is the only way they feel good about themselves.  When that someone sucks all of the life out of you just to feed their empty soul and drain you of all your pleasures.  When that someone tells you that they are “going to bury you” and then they finally do.  It’s the end of your existence and it’s hard to come back to life.”

I wrote that a few years ago during the darkest of times and it almost sounds like a poem to me.  It was me in my rawest form taking in someone else’s demons all while trying to deal with my own.  It is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written because I feel it just sums up everything that happened to me.  There is a lot of depth, hurt and emotion in it and it will always be a part of me and my journey.

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